Late at night after a family wedding, we sat in our living room with friends and family, chatting with drinks before going to bed. The guests spent the night and take timtube all available rooms and two living rooms, no room anywhere. There was a ring at the door. At the door there was another friend, Dan, on the other side of the country. He was the worse for drink - to the point that he had an argument with his family, was left behind and could not remember where he lived. We had no idea either, and his wife's cell phone was turned off. When he's not strong enough to send to any place where it was, we took in the only place on the floor of our bedroom at the foot of our bed. He helped her up, which help more, completely naked, got into the sleeping bag ever, and went straight to sleep. went down and chatted with guests for half an hour or so and then we were all ready for bed. myMy wife and I went to our room and went to bed with our usual birthday suits to sleep, do not really think Dan is in the same room. had trouble napping, because it was a warm night, and stayed there in the middle for some time. My wife, however, has had a long and tiring day and had timtube consumed too much alcohol, immediately went into a deep sleep. The comforter was down to the hip because of the heat. I heard Dan get up and go to the bathroom. The moon shone so open the curtains, I had no need for a light switch. I could see that he was naked, and it is important to note that they were naked when he was awake enough. He returned to the room, but back in his sleeping bag he climbed into bed beside my wife. I was on the edge of the bed before my wife and she was on her side to sleep in the middle of our king-size bed, facing me, so there was plenty of room for him. Dan crouched next to my wifeback, one arm around her in her breast in his hand and seemed to sleep again. I thought it was funny, it has nothing about it and timtube wanted to see the reaction of my wife when she awoke. timtube After a few minutes before he woke up and began to caress gently, then a massage to my wife tits - big and strong enough to grope worth it - and kiss and suck again. Meanwhile, he was awake and aware, of course, his fault - if it was a mistake in the first place. I was not close to reaching them, so he had free play. He slid his hand to the groin and played timtube there for a while. My wife and whispered, rolled onto his back, grip, but not really awake at that time began to suck, lick and kiss my wife 's breasts and stroked her belly and buttocks very quiet. He was to maximize the opportunity offered to sleep thinking about me. My wife woke up to that point and realized that it was Dan and I played with her body. He looked over in my direction, I saw that seemed to sleep, then whispered to Dan not to do that when you move up timtube and kissed her lips. Instead of contempt, they laid their hands on the back of the head followed, and a long kiss. He pulled the blanket off of timtube any of them to give full access to, and I could see his large erect penis. My wife opened her legs a bit and got his hand on his penis. He gave her pussy a little more attention with his fingers that I knew would be free of grease, and soon moved to it. He slid into her and began gently stroking and pumping still suckling the teats. She put her arms around his back and raised her knees, and the bed rocked gently in the rhythm of their love making mewing sounds that made ??the soft, they do when they come, but do not want too much noise, and then accelerated its beatings deepen. Pushed fully into her, timtube grunted and walked stiffly, slowly push a couple of MonSometimes back, then stops. They kissed deep, prolonged, and soon ran away from the bed and again in his sleeping bag. I sat there thinking about the thrill of seeing my wife give this way, and if both slept threw me to the images in my head. A The next morning, when my wife and I woke up, I asked if he should invite Dan in our bed. He sounded horrified at the idea. It's not fair to his wife, crowded the house to do what you think I'm a woman ? Then he got out of bed, and the following is the shower. I do not think she wanted me to find Dan 's sperm in it.
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